Party Choice and Changing Attitudes to Brexit

9 March 2022 Comment Sources of persuasion

Ever since the 2016 referendum, it has been commonplace for polls of vote intention to report separately the figures for those who voted Remain and those who backed Leave. And as we have previously shown, these analyses suggest that since 2019 there has been a narrowing of the difference between 2016 Remain and Leave voters […]

How Strong are Brexit Identities Now?

15 December 2021 Comment The Brexit process

Following the EU referendum, the UK witnessed a rise of Brexit identities as people aligned themselves with opposing sides in the Brexit debate. Many of the country’s citizens now saw themselves as Remainers or Leavers. These Brexit identities were often felt more strongly than party identities. But what of these Brexit identities now? It has […]

How Leavers and Remainers Diverged in the 2019 Election: Evidence from the Polls

13 December 2021 Comment Sources of persuasion The Brexit process

Following yesterday’s second anniversary of the 2019 general election, today sees the launch of another book on that contest. This is a volume on ‘Political Communication’ in the election. It uniquely brings together the perspectives and insights of academics, pollsters, journalists and campaigners on the interplay during the course of the campaign between party strategy, […]

What Impact Did the Brexit Party Have in the 2019 General Election?

10 December 2021 Comment Sources of persuasion

One of the most dramatic developments during the campaign for the December 2019 general election, whose second anniversary is this weekend, was the decision announced by Nigel Farage on 11 November that the Brexit Party would not contest those seats being defended by the Conservatives. Instead it would concentrate its firepower on those seats currently […]

Voters still Divided over Brexit – but Back UK Government in Battles with Brussels

7 December 2021 Comment Migration and freedom of movement Perceived consequences of leaving the EU The Brexit process The Brexit Vote: Right or Wrong?

Britain continues to be divided over the merits and consequences of Brexit according to a new poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for UK in a Changing Europe released today. It suggests that in a referendum on whether Britain should join or stay out of the EU, 47% would vote to join and 53% to […]

Competing Explanations or Two Sides of The Same Coin? Voters’ Evaluations of The Impact of COVID-19 and Brexit

7 December 2021 Comment Perceived consequences of leaving the EU The economic debate

Within weeks of the UK leaving the European Union at the end of January 2020 Britain found itself, like the rest of the world, having to cope with the most serious public health crisis in a century. As a result, Brexit fell off the media agenda while whatever immediate impact Brexit might be having on […]