Deal or No Deal? A Difficult Choice

30 November 2020 Comment What should Brexit mean?

After missing deadline after deadline, the EU and the UK have now reached a point where they are going to have to decide in the next week or so what will happen when the Brexit transition period terminates at the end of the year. Is a deal to be struck whereby the UK’s membership of […]

Another Look at Attitudes towards Extending the Transition

20 May 2020 Comment

Slowly, the issue of Brexit is beginning to attract attention once more. The UK and the EU agree that the negotiations between them on a future trade relationship have not made much progress so far, albeit they disagree as to where the responsibility for that position lies. Meanwhile, the deadline for agreeing an extension to […]

Are We Getting Used to Brexit?

27 April 2020 Comment The Brexit Vote: Right or Wrong?

One of the questions with which historians can be expected to grapple in future is whether the implementation of Brexit at the end of January did or did not reflect the view of a majority of voters. If they conclude that it did, then despite its many twists and turns, the Brexit saga might come […]

The value of care workers; insight from attitudes towards post-Brexit immigration policy

22 April 2020 Comment Future of Britain after EU Referendum Migration and freedom of movement

The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly cast a fresh perspective on the occupations we value. Health workers have been lauded for ‘risking their lives’ on the ‘front line’, language that hitherto has usually been applied to the bravery of those serving in the armed forces abroad rather than the dedication of those working in a public […]

How do voters feel about delaying the end of the transition?

15 April 2020 Comment The Brexit process

For the first time since the EU referendum, Brexit has gone on the backburner of media attention as the UK endeavours to get on top of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet there are still decisions to be made. As things currently stand, the transition period, under which the UK continues to be part of the EU […]