Podcast: Brexitland: A guided tour

15 October 2020 Comment

Sir John Curtice and Ian Montagu are joined by Professors Maria Sobolewska and Rob Ford, authors of ‘Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics’, who take us through the long-term social and demographic developments that have gradually reshaped British society and contributed to the UK’s vote to leave the EU.   Listen here: […]

Podcast: The political consequences of the Brexit process

8 October 2020 Comment

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes discuss two chapters in the latest British Social Attitudes report which cover the impact of the Brexit process on levels of trust in government and interest in politics, and how people feel the UK government should approach specific areas of public policy post-Brexit.   Listen here: Apple […]