Where do we stand now on Britain’s relationship with the EU?

15 November 2021

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes take a look at the latest polling on attitudes towards the EU and assess how best to measure the current balance of opinion on Britain’s relationship with Europe. They also discuss whether the recent allegations of parliamentary sleaze might have any impact on attitudes towards Brexit, analyse […]

Where Stands Support for Brexit Now?

1 November 2021

Regular users of this site will be aware that our home page has long provided a link to a ‘EURef2 Poll of Polls’ – and they may also have noticed that this facility has not been updated since the UK formally left the EU on 31 January last year. At that point, we decided to […]

Brexit Revives Trust in Government – Among Leavers

21 October 2021

The latest British Social Attitudes (BSA) report, published today, has as one of its central themes the impact of Brexit. One chapter by Alex Scholes and myself at the impact that the delivery of Brexit at the end of January 2020 has had on people’s attitudes towards how they are governed.  Meanwhile a second chapter, […]

Enforcing EU Settled Status: a Potential Political Minefield for the Government?

28 June 2021

Following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and thus the Union’s freedom of movement provisions, EU citizens who were living in the UK before the end of last year and who wish to carry on living here have until this coming Wednesday to apply for a ‘settled status’ that will enable them to continue […]

Five Years On: Has Brexit Been A Success?

22 June 2021

Five years ago this week, the UK voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. After two general elections and an extended parliamentary stalemate, that decision was eventually implemented on January 31 2020, though it then took another eleven months before the UK left the EU single market and Customs Union. This is […]

The 2021 elections in review

11 June 2021

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Claire Elliott take a look at what the outcome of the elections that took place across Britain on 6 May can tell us about the continuing influence of Brexit on the political landscape in the UK. They examine the breakdown of the vote across England, Scotland, and Wales, discuss […]

It is not over yet – Brexit and the May 6 Elections.

18 May 2021

Brexit may be done, but it continues to shape the pattern of voting behaviour in England. That was a clear message from the results of the double round of local and mayoral elections held on May 6. It should not have come as a surprise. As we wrote before the elections, during the last twelve […]

On Brexit, Labour and the Local Elections

13 April 2021

On May 6, the parties face their first significant electoral test since the December 2019 general election. As well as devolved elections in Scotland and Wales (and a parliamentary by-election in Hartlepool), in England there will be a double round of local elections as the contests that were postponed last year because of the pandemic […]

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