Public Reactions to The First Year of Full Brexit

31 January 2022

Brexit has created a trio of notable anniversary dates – June 23rd when the referendum was held, the end of December, when (just over a year ago) the UK left the EU single market and customs union, and today, which is the second anniversary of the UK’s exit from the political institutions. So, it is […]

The British General Election of 2019 with Rob Ford and Paula Surridge

21 December 2021

As we enter the festive period and to mark two years since the 2019 UK general election, Sir John Curtice and Ian Montagu are joined by guests Rob Ford and Paula Surridge – two of the authors of the newly-published authoritative account of that ballot, ‘The British General Election of 2019’ – to discuss the […]

What Do Voters Make of the Brexit Deal Now?

16 December 2021

It is now nearly a year since the formal process for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU was concluded. At the end of last year, the UK left the single market and customs union, and since then it has been trading with the EU on the basis of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement that was unveiled […]

How Strong are Brexit Identities Now?

15 December 2021

Following the EU referendum, the UK witnessed a rise of Brexit identities as people aligned themselves with opposing sides in the Brexit debate. Many of the country’s citizens now saw themselves as Remainers or Leavers. These Brexit identities were often felt more strongly than party identities. But what of these Brexit identities now? It has […]

How Leavers and Remainers Diverged in the 2019 Election: Evidence from the Polls

13 December 2021

Following yesterday’s second anniversary of the 2019 general election, today sees the launch of another book on that contest. This is a volume on ‘Political Communication’ in the election. It uniquely brings together the perspectives and insights of academics, pollsters, journalists and campaigners on the interplay during the course of the campaign between party strategy, […]

What Impact Did the Brexit Party Have in the 2019 General Election?

10 December 2021

One of the most dramatic developments during the campaign for the December 2019 general election, whose second anniversary is this weekend, was the decision announced by Nigel Farage on 11 November that the Brexit Party would not contest those seats being defended by the Conservatives. Instead it would concentrate its firepower on those seats currently […]

Where do we stand now on Britain’s relationship with the EU?

15 November 2021

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes take a look at the latest polling on attitudes towards the EU and assess how best to measure the current balance of opinion on Britain’s relationship with Europe. They also discuss whether the recent allegations of parliamentary sleaze might have any impact on attitudes towards Brexit, analyse […]

Where Stands Support for Brexit Now?

1 November 2021

Regular users of this site will be aware that our home page has long provided a link to a ‘EURef2 Poll of Polls’ – and they may also have noticed that this facility has not been updated since the UK formally left the EU on 31 January last year. At that point, we decided to […]

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