Future of Britain event: watch back our expert panels

20 October 2020

As part of our Future of Britain deliberative poll on 3rd and 4th October 2020, we held an expert panel on each of the three topics under discussion over the weekend: Migration to the UK; Food Policy & Regulation and Consumer Regulation. Panellists responded to questions submitted by study participants following small group discussions. Their […]

Podcast: Brexitland – A guided tour

15 October 2020

Sir John Curtice and Ian Montagu are joined by Professors Maria Sobolewska and Rob Ford, authors of ‘Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics’, who take us through the long-term social and demographic developments that have gradually reshaped British society and contributed to the UK’s vote to leave the EU.  

The Legacy and Future of Brexit

8 October 2020

Today sees the publication of two chapters on Brexit as part of the latest British Social Attitudes report. One examines the legacy of Brexit, that is, the impact that the process of leaving has had on our attitudes towards how we are governed. The other looks at what people hope Brexit will bring in future, […]

Podcast: The political consequences of the Brexit process

8 October 2020

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes discuss two chapters in the latest British Social Attitudes report which cover the impact of the Brexit process on levels of trust in government and interest in politics, and how people feel the UK government should approach specific areas of public policy post-Brexit.  

Podcast: Public perceptions of Boris Johnson’s handling of Brexit

8 September 2020

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes discuss voters’ assessment of Boris Johnson’s performance on Brexit during his first year as Prime Minister. They also take a look at what we know about public opinion on a no-deal Brexit, and highlight how the Remain-Leave divide continues to impact party politics.  

Ready to Move On or Still Divided? Where Voters Stand Now on Brexit

1 September 2020

The talks on Britain’s future relationship with the EU are reportedly coming to a crunch. Publically, at least, both the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost, and his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier, are pessimistic about the prospects of a deal being reached in time for it to be put in place before the transition period terminates […]

Delivering Brexit – How Well Is Boris Thought To Be Doing?

19 August 2020

It is now just over a year since Boris Johnson was elected Leader of the Conservative Party and became Prime Minister. The issue of Brexit was a key component of his leadership campaign, with him promising to ‘Get Brexit done’ and have the UK formally leave the EU by 31st October. Whether and how Brexit […]

Future of Britain video series: what will the October event look like?

7 August 2020

  The Future of Britain project is being undertaken by Ceri Davies and John Curtice. They recently met with James Fishkin, who is collaborating with them on the project, to discuss what the Future of Britain event will look like and the benefits of taking part.   If you’ve been invited to take part in […]

Another Look at Attitudes towards Extending the Transition

20 May 2020

Slowly, the issue of Brexit is beginning to attract attention once more. The UK and the EU agree that the negotiations between them on a future trade relationship have not made much progress so far, albeit they disagree as to where the responsibility for that position lies. Meanwhile, the deadline for agreeing an extension to […]

The Brexit Divide: Forgotten, Not Disappeared

7 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has come to dominate the political agenda. As a result, after three years of rarely being out of the headlines, Brexit is now barely mentioned, even though much remains to be settled so far as the UK’s future relationship with the EU is concerned. Meanwhile, far from being an issue on which […]

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