Where Stands Public Opinion on Brexit Six Months On?

23 December 2016

Britain’s voters did not just surprise many a commentator on June 23rd  – they also surprised themselves. In one poll conducted on referendum day itself Lord Ashcroft found that 70% reckoned Remain would win and only 30% that Leave would do so, while in another YouGov ascertained that 52% expected Remain to win and only […]

How Leave Won Amongst the Politically Disengaged

20 December 2016

One of the key points of speculation during the EU referendum campaign was what impact voter turnout might have on the outcome. Support for Remain was known to be higher amongst younger people, who generally tend to be less likely to vote, but also higher amongst graduates, who tend to be more likely to do […]

Understanding the Leave Vote: What Tipped The Balance?

7 December 2016

Six months on from the EU Referendum, today we publish a new analysis paper that looks at the question ‘Who voted Leave and why?’. The paper uses new data from NatCen’s mixed mode random probability panel as well as the extensive evidence available in the British Election Study internet panel. The paper reveals that the […]

What Do Voters Want From Brexit?

16 November 2016

Given how contentious the debate about the desirable shape of Brexit is proving to be, it is perhaps surprising that there has not been more polling than we have seen so far on what voters would like to emerge from the negotiations between the UK and the EU. Apart from a number of readings on […]

The Economics of Brexit in Voters’ Eyes

7 November 2016

Or, Why the Remain Campaign Failed.

During the EU referendum, the centrepiece of the Remain campaign was that it was in the UK’s economic interest to continue to be a member of the European club …

Our New Remit: Brexit

28 October 2016

Regular readers will doubtless have noticed that the EU referendum has come and long since gone – yet we are still up and running! Discerning readers may have noticed too a few tweaks that have been made to the site in recent weeks. We are, for example, no longer featuring information on how people propose […]

What Mandate Did Voters Give on June 23rd?

13 October 2016

If it has done nothing else, the signals sent by Conservative ministers last week about what they think Brexit means have instigated a keen debate amongst everybody else about what in fact it should mean. Those who believe that the UK should have greater control over immigration were cheered that achieving that objective appears to […]

The People’s Priority? Free Trade or Immigration Control?

7 September 2016

Much of the debate about what Brexit might mean in practice has focused on the difficulties the UK might face in attempting to remain a remember of EU single market in respect of goods and services while insisting on being able to impose restrictions on freedom of movement, that is the right of EU citizens […]

Brexit: Post-Referendum Hopes and Expectations

19 August 2016

The high drama of the post-referendum period has given way to the relative quiet of high summer, albeit that Labour finds itself using the supposed ‘silly season’ to debate for a second year in a row who should be its leader. But that, of course, does not mean that the questions raised by the vote […]

Buyers’ Remorse?

8 July 2016

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, it faces an important new question. What relationship, if any, would it like to have with the European Union in future – and what kind of relationship with the UK might the EU itself be willing contemplate? The options would appear to range from the […]

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