Do you trust the European Commission? (French views)

Field work dates: 5 June 2018 - 14 November 2019
Data from: France
Results from: 6 polls

Results for: Do you trust the European Commission? (French views)
Fieldwork end date
14 November 2019
Poll by YouGov
14 August 2019
Poll by YouGov
15 May 2019
Poll by YouGov
19 February 2019
Poll by YouGov
20 August 2018
Poll by YouGov
6 June 2018
Poll by YouGov
Tend to trust22%24%22%23%22%22%
Tend not to trust51%52%56%55%53%53%
Don't know27%24%21%22%25%25%

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For each of the following institutions, please say whether you tend to trust it or tend not to trust it: the European Commission

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