Which do you think will be the most negative impacts from leaving the EU?

Field work dates: 13 November 2016 - 13 June 2017
Data from: Great Britain
Results from: 3 polls

Results for: Which do you think will be the most negative impacts from leaving the EU?
Fieldwork end date
13 June 2017
Poll by YouGov
27 March 2017
Poll by YouGov
14 November 2016
Poll by YouGov
Goods and services will become more expensive in the shops30%30%29%
Companies will be less likely to invest in Britain without access to EU markets26%25%23%
British exporters will find it harder to trade because of export barriers and tariffs25%23%20%
The British economy will go into recession16%12%15%
There will be a reduction in regulations protecting workers rights and holiday entitlements14%13%14%
Much of Britain's financial services industry will move to other European cities13%13%13%
British people wouldn't be able to live or work elsewhere in Europe13%11%12%
Britain will be taken less seriously and have less influence in the world12%10%11%
Other EU countries will be less willing to co-operate with Britain on things like combating terrorism10%10%11%
Jobs will be less secure and there will be increased unemployment10%9%10%
Something else3%2%4%
None - there will be no negative effects at all18%18%21%
Don't know13%18%15%

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Which, if any, of the following do you think will be the most NEGATIVE impacts from leaving the European Union? Please tick up to three.

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