Which political party would be the best at handling Brexit?

Field work dates: 10 August 2019 - 9 November 2020
Data from: Great Britain
Results from: 17 polls

Results for: Which political party would be the best at handling Brexit?
Fieldwork end date
9 November 2020
Poll by YouGov
12 October 2020
Poll by YouGov
14 September 2020
Poll by YouGov
17 August 2020
Poll by YouGov
20 July 2020
Poll by YouGov
22 June 2020
Poll by YouGov
25 May 2020
Poll by YouGov
27 April 2020
Poll by YouGov
30 March 2020
Poll by YouGov
2 March 2020
Poll by YouGov
3 February 2020
Poll by YouGov
6 December 2019
Poll by YouGov
1 December 2019
Poll by YouGov
4 November 2019
Poll by YouGov
6 October 2019
Poll by YouGov
9 September 2019
Poll by YouGov
11 August 2019
Poll by YouGov
Liberal Democrats8%8%9%8%9%9%9%8%9%10%10%10%15%14%13%17%19%
Don't know26%26%25%25%26%23%23%24%23%23%24%22%18%21%24%26%18%

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Here is a list of problems facing the country. Could you say for each of them which political party you think would handle the problem best? Britain's exit from the EU

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