Which scenario would you prefer? Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit (both described in detail)?

Field work dates: 13 December 2016 - 16 December 2016
Data from: Great Britain
Results from: 1 poll

Results for: Which scenario would you prefer? Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit (both described in detail)?
Fieldwork end date
16 December 2016
Poll by Opinium
Hard Brexit (gain control over immigration etc but poor trade deal)35%
Soft Brexit (good trade deal but retain freedom of movement etc.)41%
No preference8%
Don't Know17%

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    You may have heard different descriptions of what sort of deal the UK might receive when it leaves the EU. Assuming that Britain does leave the EU and these were the options available, which scenario would you prefer? The UK leaves all EU institutions, gaining full control over trade, immigration and the legal system, and making no contributions to the EU budget. However, the EU offers an unfavourable trade deal to the UK meaning the economy suffers, unemployment increases and the country has less money to invest on public services like housing, schools and hospitals./ The UK remains in some EU institutions and continues to make some contributions to the EU budget. These closer ties mean the EU offers the UK a favourable trade deal meaning the economy and unemployment are less affected and the country has more money to spend on public services like schools, housing and hospitals. However, as a result the UK still has to allow EU nationals the right to live and work in the UK and accept some EU control over trade policy and the courts.

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